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For climbers

With the colder season approaching, climbers head to indoor climbing halls to carry on their training or to prepare for special projects. Climbing holds made of synthetic materials are a compromise both to the touch and due to their shape. STONE CLIMBER natural stone climbing holds offer the right alternative, since at first hand contact with the natural stone holds, you can feel the difference with the traditional ones.

For indoor climbing hall managers

The creation of new paths in climbing gyms is necessary to allow visitors constantly facing new challenges. This means that many times a year holds are disassembled and then re-screwed into a new layout. By doing so, the different holds and the different products are mixed together and must be screwed tightly to ensure a smooth mounting and to avoid damages. STONE CLIMBER climbing holds are perfect because thanks to a new technical solution, they protect against mounting damages. Furthermore, thanks to their patented solution, they always enable safely climbing.

Holds are handmade and each one of them is tested and proven prior to delivery, meeting all related safety requirements according to EN 12572-3 standards.

Synthetic climbing holds

Natural climbing holds