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Climbing hold types

Most climbing utilities are intended as handholds or footholds. What follows is a more detailed outline of climbing holds. STONE CLIMBER holds are made of natural stone and each of them is a unique piece.



Crimps form a relatively straight grip structure giving space to both hands to fit on the hold. In special cases, crimps offer space for only a few fingers and therefore a better climbing technique is required. Depending on the wall slope, both the degree of difficulty and the use of force increase. Crimps are mainly horizontally positioned.



In their shape, pinches are similar to crimps but placed vertically. To grip them, they must be pinched with fingers on one side and the thumb in opposition on the other.



The Jug has a generally pronounced shape with an undercut (pocket) giving space for most or all fingers. Since in this case the shape of the hold provides the grip, this type is particularly suitable for beginners, requiring a lower use of force. Jug holds are particularly suitable for overhangs.



Slopers are purely round and they slope down away from the wall. In this case, the grip is given through the pressure of the hand.



Volumes are an extremely large type of hold and intended to be held with two hands. Depending on their consistency, layout and gripping technique, they can also be used as crimps, pinches, slopers or jugs.